A Link In Bio

A Link in Bio Tool

For Art

Build and share your arts portfolio with other professionals

With the amount information today, your audience needs a clear and immediate picture of what you do, with an accessible overview of your artwork and its support materials. This is what Art-l.ink provides, through an immersive experience of links, content, and critical information about your practice—in one place.

Visually  designed for art. 

Visually designed for art.

The way your work is presentated affects how it’s going to be read. With this in mind, Art-l.ink’s design caters to the needs and experiences of other professionals in the art world: artists, galleries, curators, collectors, consultants, educators, or even fans of art. Art-l.ink is designed by arts professionals for arts professionals.  

More features to share what you do. 

More ways to share what you do. 

With Art-l.ink, you can share more than just links or images. You can also share videos, pdfs, a CV/ bio, exhibitions, and even current or future events. All this gives you more tools for engaging with your audience and making a deeper connection through your work. 

Art-l.ink: a professional link-in-bio tool for art.

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